ChefMartinaverde Stoppioni

Mediterranean Taste

type: Cooking Class

The Mediterranean cuisine is made of simple recipes with ingredients rich of story and tradition. Our vegan chef Martinaverde Stoppioni will guide in this lesson to discover flavors and timeless dishes.

  • Vegetables cous cous
  • Rice "sweet and strong"
  • Falafel
  • "Bianco mangiare" sicilian cake

What you need? Curiosity to learn.

Students are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early so that we can start the lessons on time. Courses will start at 8.00 pm sharp. 

The maximum number of partecipants is reduced to 6 people, following the Covid-19 restrictions. It's necessary to show green pass and the use of masks during the lesson.

We regret that the courses cannot be held without the minimum number of participants. The class will be held in Italian, although the Chef speaks english too.

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