Cooking school & Courses

Our Cooking School offers exclusive English courses in the morning reserved for foreign clients who wish to experience the Italian cuisine in the Desinare style.

Our cooking classes are exclusive and "hands-on" under the supervision of our Chefs reserved to one to ten people.
Below are some examples of courses as well as we can organize exclusive tailor-made courses.

Morning cooking class in english

Our morning courses are oriented towards our foreign guests who seek the full Desinare experience, starting from the search and selection of raw material in the local shops and markets, to the recipe preparation, and finally, a lunch tasting the the days’ work!

Here some menu examples, for further infos or booking contact us.

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Tailor-made cooking class

Tailored courses with specific themes based on customer's recipes and desires, executed under the Chef's supervision. The best way to discover your talent!

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