The very best of the Desinare style, the recipes of our Chefs who have the perfect solution for any event, private or business: every occasion is made special thanks to the ideas proposed by our highly acclaimed interpreters of the local cuisine, Italian and ethnic, traditional and modern.

Our Chefs will present their personalized dishes, the result of ongoing research and innovation regarding food combinations as well as the latest trends in cooking as applied to our gastronomic history and culture.

In order to bring greater value and expertise to this rich itinerary, an operational partnership has been created with BK1-Belvedere S.p.A., a banqueting company based in Montecatini Terme and Milan, founded by Simone Galligani. By choosing BK1, we are able to extend over 15 years of experience acquired in the quality events sector and a shared vision culminating in a level of professionalism that is impeccable, attentive and discreet.