DESINARE is an old-fashioned Florentine term for that time of day when the family would gather around the table to eat. It refers not just to the act of dining but to the ritual of conviviality, the need to take a break from work to talk, exchange ideas, renew the bonds of love that have long been at the heart of our domestic culture. Inspired by this concept, we wanted to create a place that was open to food in the broadest, most all-encompassing sense of the term: not just a source of pleasure and sustenance, but a repository of knowledge, ideas and emotions.

DESINARE is a contemporary space with an old soul, a space for learning and new gastronomic experiences in the company of people who recognize the incredible value of food culture and its ability to convey the many emotions, both great and small, of everyday life. It’s a new type of cooking school, a fusion of culinary knowhow and artisanal style in a convivial setting that lends itself to courses, demonstrations, tastings, social gatherings, events, and presentations, alongside a cookshop that reflects the DESINARE philosophy of quality and tradition

DESINARE was created inside the fascinating Florentine workshop and showroom of Riccardo Barthel, an eclectic and influential family firm that bridges the worlds of interior design, fine craftsmanship, antiques, restoration, and Tuscan lifestyle. DESINARE was conceived as a natural extension of the refined yet authentic domestic world created by interior design genius Riccardo Barthel, a place where age-old craft wisdom meets contemporary aesthetic sense, where the pleasures and culture of the table can be shared.

Who we are

DESINARE was born from Francesco's passion for quality food and wine and from the desire to create a place where some of the most talented and brilliant protagonists of the Italian food and wine scene can share their knowledge with other enthusiasts.

  • Francesco Barthel

    Our host is a passionate food lover, but he also appreciates good taste in all things.
    Francesco was born into the family business and from his earliest days he has lived and breathed its spirit of expert craftsmanship and had his sensibilities refined by its search for beauty. Today, with the launch of the DESINARE project, Francesco hopes to create a dialogue between the worlds of design and food, a modern, engaging, exciting dialogue that brings together all that is good, beautiful and authentic.


The Chefs

  • Alessandro Frassica

  • Maria Valiani

    Behind her elegant style hides a young woman with great character and technique.

    Maria Valiani’s talent is multifaceted: expert sommelier, food lover, and engaging teacher, she is equally passionate about wine and art, which she interchanges and includes—in an extremely organic way—in her lessons. Creative and selective in her choice of products, Maria combines simplicity and tradition with a curiosity for international flavors in each of her dishes.

  • Nicola Indelicato

    Food designer, a special "sensibiity" collected during the years of studies and experiences in the fashion field ant now applied in the food. A story to tell through memories like the family sunday when the scent of the kichen invaded the whole house, the ritual of setting the table with the starched tablecloth.

    All this told today through the dishes that "draws" with a strong aesthetic sense of presentation in our kitchen.

  • Martinaverde Stoppioni

Location for events

Desinare’s exclusive and surprising locations are the result of careful selection inspired by Riccardo Barthel’s unmistakable style and an extensive knowledge of the most intimate expressions of the city and the region, both historical and private, from cozy settings to spaces best suited for welcoming large groups of guests.