ChefMaria Valiani

Lunch in Florence

type: Cooking Class

During this class you will learn how to make a complete Tuscan menu,
Maria will teach you how to repeat this fantastic dishes at home to surprise friends and family with these simple traditional florentine dishes.

  • Gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce
  • Roast pork loin
  • Fruit Crumble

Morning courses are exclusive and private lessons with a maximum of 10 students; These hands-on lessons allow for direct interaction with the chef – and the stove – throughout the lesson. You will have the opportunity to see and to get a feel for whatgoes into the preparation of delicious dishes.

Prices are per person.

Students are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early so that we can start the lessons on time. Courses will start at 10.00 am and finish at 2.30pm/3.00pm according to the recepis chosen for the lesson.

What you need?Curiosity to learn 

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