Arturo Dori

ChefArturo Dori


veggie dinner

Type: Cooking

Starting from the raw ingredients offered by our soil, during this lesson Arturo Dori will teach us how to prepare 100% veggie recipes to satisfy even the most expert vegetarians!

  • lightly cooked zucchini stripes with vegan ginger mayo and toasted almonds
  • Quinoa with green beans, caramelized onions and gomasio
  • Chard rolls with wild rice, vegetables and light curry

What you need? Curiosity to learn.

Students are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early so that we can start the lessons on time. Courses will start at 8pm sharp.   

We regret that the courses cannot be held without the minimum number of participants. 

The class will be held in Italian, although the Chef speaks english too

This course is archived

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